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signumBOX At the Moment reports “Lithium, Batteries and Vehicles”

 Provide these industries' latest breaking news collected from their original sources in a simple and clear way.

 This report is released every two weeks.

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signumBOX Li-Stats reports

 Present exports statistics (volumes and prices) from major lithium producing countries: Chile, Argentina, Australia and China.

 Statistics information is analyzed in relation with the previous quarter and with the same quarter year ago. We also present a forecast for shipments for the year by company and type of product.

 This report is released every three months.

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signumBOX Analysis  “Lithium, Batteries and Vehicles: Perspectives and Trends”

 These reports include a deep analysis of the Lithium, Battery and automotive industries, with trends and forecasts for lithium demand, production capacity, a ranking of the undeveloped lithium projects and prices for the period 2012-2025.

 Main contents of the report include:

 Introduction and economic environment

 Lithium demand 2013 and forecast 2014 - 2025: by application, chemical compound and sensitivity analysis.

 Lithium reserves and supply: current producers, ranking of lithium projects according to the SignumPerformance Index (SPI), production capacity from new comers. Forecast 2014 - 2025.

 Lithium prices

 This report is released every six months.

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Lithium Monthly Outlook:  “News and Stocks”

 All major news in the market for that month, with signumBOX comments of the implications for the market if appropriate.

 A graph with signumBOX's estimation for chemicals market prices, updated every month with all the market available information by the close date of the report.

 Lithium export information, for major lithium producers and producer countries for the last month available, among with average export prices for that month.

 Monthly stock price information for major producer and developers companies.

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